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Re: how do I add a custom template name to bbpress?



s010, that’s very clever.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Not certain if slugs would translate either,

ie. /action/listplugins

I think the shortest shortcut is a universal loader could be made for all future extensions, ie.


where option is really option.php in the bbpress root and it just passes to the template listplugins.php

This would have to be made in the the bbpress core of course.

ooooh I just had an idea… where is the hook for bbpress’s internal 404…

er, no i guess that won’t work either…. BUT

take a look at view.php in the bbpress root

you can hook bb_custom_view

basically since there will not be any view name, it won’t do the mysql call, then after you catch it on the do_action(‘bb_custom_view you can exit() after your own custom page load.

ie. /forums/view/listplugins

Let me try to code something working…

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