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Re: How about “# of Views” on threads?

fel64: First, I don’t think there’s any implication in what I wrote that anyone IS “obliged” to look at posts, so I’m puzzled at your inference, but apparently your mileage DOES vary – c’est la vie. Second, there’s no reason for you to be “sorry”. Third, this forum is identified as “requests”, so it seems a reasonable place to make a… uhhhh… request, one supposes. Fourth, thanks for the plugin tip – I hadn’t seen it listed, and it hadn’t occurred to me that such a feature would be a plugin!

_ck_: Thanks to you also for the plugin tip. I’m not quite sure why xml-rpc would be any more of a hack/spam wet dream than ftp – it sorta depends on what YOU do with the uploaded content, doesn’t it… and I seem to see data sanitization pretty much everywhere I look in WP (and bb? I assume?). And if I’m seeing this all more or less correctly, you have to have a valid login in order to upload xml (or anything else) to WP, anyway.

Thanks to both of you for the replies… now, if WP admin will just add it to THEIR forums ;} …

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