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How about “# of Views” on threads?

  • I’ve been struggling with trying to get information regarding a problem with xml-rpc in WP… more posts that I should have made, probably, but it just boggles my mind that apparently not one single person the WP community gives a rodent’s fundament about xml-rpc (or if such is given, lacks either knowledge or helpfulness). In the course of this effort, it became clear to me that what was (IS) really frustrating about it is that I have no idea whether people are even LOOKING at any of the questions, so in a brief discussion it seemed like a good idea to make it a feature request for bbpress – that is, to have an (at least optional) views count for each thread, so one can find out if anyone’s even taking a peek at it… which provides some feedback (is my Topic Title not good enough to get people to look at it? or are people looking and shaking their heads?).

    Having just installed (only partially successfully, so far) bbpress, I don’t (yet) know where to look for the obvious place to add a field to the table and update it before displaying the thread… but I’ll bet someone knows, eh?

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  • Err. No-one here’s obliged to look through threads. People often do, though, but there’s just no guarantee that someone will have the time and will to help people *and* that they then know what to do or have _anything_ useful to say. I’m sorry if you haven’t been helped.

    There’s a plugin that adds a view count. It’s not in the core. Maybe it should be. Why don’t you request it on trac?

    I think you add fields to the table by editing the template file. W3Schools has a good guide to table HTML, and you can use PHP to fill it with a template tag or whatever.



    I’ve created couple of enhancements to the view count plugin which I’ve attached to the plugin’s page.

    It’s very easy to edit the templates.

    (Oh and xml-rpc is the first thing I disable in any blog configuration – it’s a spammer & evil hacker’s dream)

    The WordPress (and bbpress) community is very dis-organized, which is probably to be expected given the nature of blogging itself, everyone just does their own thing and hopes someone else shows up and comes along for the ride.

    fel64: First, I don’t think there’s any implication in what I wrote that anyone IS “obliged” to look at posts, so I’m puzzled at your inference, but apparently your mileage DOES vary – c’est la vie. Second, there’s no reason for you to be “sorry”. Third, this forum is identified as “requests”, so it seems a reasonable place to make a… uhhhh… request, one supposes. Fourth, thanks for the plugin tip – I hadn’t seen it listed, and it hadn’t occurred to me that such a feature would be a plugin!

    _ck_: Thanks to you also for the plugin tip. I’m not quite sure why xml-rpc would be any more of a hack/spam wet dream than ftp – it sorta depends on what YOU do with the uploaded content, doesn’t it… and I seem to see data sanitization pretty much everywhere I look in WP (and bb? I assume?). And if I’m seeing this all more or less correctly, you have to have a valid login in order to upload xml (or anything else) to WP, anyway.

    Thanks to both of you for the replies… now, if WP admin will just add it to THEIR forums ;} …

    Whatever my inference seemed to be, I was addressing your rant about how frustrating the wp forums are or whatever with an explanation as to why you might not get an answer. I figured it needed addressing because it sounded like you blamed the community there when in my opinion there’s really no-one to blame. The reason that I’m sorry that no-one helped you is because I know how frustrating that is and I’d rather that someone had helped you. But hey, that’s all kind of irrelevant here.

    Hmm, ‘s true that this is Request and Feedback. Don’t think it’s particularly effective. If you’re happy to take your chances, that’s fine, but really it seems to me that your chances are much better on trac and that’s why I advise you to post it there if you’re actually interested. Your call.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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