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Re: Hierachical forums do not seem to work.

Well, this is what I’ve got…

  1. Are the forums in a flat list or a hierarchical structure? Yes, they are. The ones I’ve already dragged to be sub-forums.
  2. Already done
  3. Already done
  4. Already done
  5. Go to some other admin page. Yes.
  6. Go to Content -> Forums again. The forums still appear in a hierarchy. Everything is fine so far.
  7. Go to your site’s front page. Is there hierarchy? Nop. Is the forum you put at the bottom still at the bottom? Yes.

At this point I thought this had something to do with the css because the xhtml structure (front-page.php) was indeed updated. I checked the css and I found I had forgotten to put the #forumlist tr td div.nest . Done that. Checked… but nothing. I refreshed, cleared cache and nothing.

I then deactivated the Forum Restriction plugin and voilá. The forums where nested. In the admin section, in the “Forum Parent” dropdown now everything was fine. All the forums listed. It was strange since I have already deactivated the plugin before without results. In the front end it was explained by the missing css, but in the backend I really don’t know.

Thanks mdawaffe for your time.

ps: I tried activating the plugin again, and now I see the front page list of forums in hierachy. Weird. However, when I acces the parent forum, there is a table at the bottom with the name Subforums, but it is empty. When the plugin is deactivated the list is NOT empty. So it is apparently that plugin.

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