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Re: Hierachical forums do not seem to work.

Ran out of time to fuss around with it, but I did just run through your checklist, mdawaffe.

1. flat

2. clicked

3. can’t make a subforum without anything in the dropdown list, but made a new forum instead

4. saved

5. wandered around the admin a bit

6. clicked it, flat list still, and forum I moved to the bottom was still at the bottom

7. forum I put at bottom is still at bottom

8. “Move this topic” dropdown box filled only with the name of the current forum

Using Firefox, but checked in IE7 with the same results

After wandering around a bit I went back to it one last time to find one of my forums now appearing in the dropdown box in the admin. Something budged, so thanks for the steps! Will have to nudge things again tomorrow when I have time, and hopefully the rest will appear.

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