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Re: Hierachical forums do not seem to work.

Some more data points. I’m running a brand-new install with no plugins.

– When creating a new forum, declaring an existing forum to be its parent does not automatically position it in the hierarchy. I have to go through the “Edit Forum Order” process to drag it into place.

– New forums do not appear immediately in the “Forum parent” dropdown on the forum creation page, but if I go do other things and return, they get there eventually.

– Most troubling: When I post a new topic directly in a top-level forum, it does not appear there, but rather in the last of its subforums. That is, if I have forum A with subforums A1 and A2, forum B with subforums B1 and B2, and forum C, and I try to post a new topic to top-level forum B, it will actually get posted to subforum B2.

The last strikes me as a serious bug.

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