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Re: help please anyone…



My guess is that you are trying to use permalinks and they’re not supported by your current configuration. I would try this first. In your config.php, find the mod_rewrite line, and make it look like this:

$bb->mod_rewrite = false;

That should make your forum accessible and should take care of the 404 error as well, at least for the forum software. The actual error you have there is because when a page cannot be found (like your forum pages) Apache is configured to serve up 404.shtml, but that file is not present. You could create one so that is shown when a 404 file not found error occurs.

You access your admin panel by logging in as the keymaster (user you created when you created the forum) and then click the “Admin” link next to your logged in name. If it’s not there, you are not logged in as the keymaster. I would post the direct URL to bb-admin but it just redirects if you are not already logged in as keymaster. Try that first.

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