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Re: Has anyone used Vanilla lately (bbPress 1.0 vs Vanilla 2.0)

My original post is simply trying to understand *what* makes one of these forums systems better than another (pro/cons).

I’ve said this many times before: It all depends on your needs in a forum.

I’m not trying to avoid the subject, I just think it’s SO subjective that there is no answer. _ck_’s needs are different from mine, mine are different from yours. We may all have some things in common, but not all. Make a list of what’s important to you and then go find a forum that fits the bill. There is no one answer that forum A is better than B and they’re both better than C but worse than D except if you want to do foo and bar … You see how that gets weird? :)

I didn’t like Vanilla when I tested it, and I certainly didn’t find it easy to integrate with WordPress. In fact, their Single Sign On page says it’s still in Beta.

Also most apps talk like their competitors don’t exist not to be mean, but because it quickly turns into bashing and no one likes that. The beauty of open-source is that anyone can do anything with everything :)

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