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Re: Hard to warm me up for bbpress

Hi Zimpet, “alpha”, “beta”, “0.72”; it really doesn’t matter what the label says; any code is only as good as the number of man hours that have been spent writing it, and then refining it.

The ratio of hours spent on WP versus BB is currently* around 100,000:1, so a certain lack of polish is likely.

* educated guess :)

bbPress has reached the point of maturity where it can have more people developing it, using it, and commenting on it; so this is the point where it’s development can accelerate whilst it’s core capabilities mature into something stable, so if you think you’ve identified problems, then thats a good thing, so be happy.

The best thing that you (and any of us) can do is to isolate and describe each problem (and each suggestion) so it can be entered into trac, prioritized and fixed.

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