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Re: Hack to remove /forums/forum/

I tried this and it has not gone. I downloaded .rar file at

(thankfully winzip can open .rar files), and copied the two files “.htaccess” and “remft.php”, and then run the plugin from admin but it made no difference. The first time I ran it I may have forgotton the .htaccess file. Any suggestions what now please?

My forum is at

Also, I am totally new to this but searching for “remove hot tags” got me nothing. Not sure why they have added that by default but obviously I have to remove it. Can anyone tell me how to do that please?

Ahh gee, you can’t delete a post. I think I have totally messed up. This pluging does not remove the forum it does something else.

Man I have been done! The default install is hopless and there is no info on how to change anything. This is a pro product only but it did not give that impression at all. I though I would have a simple little forum like the one here and it would all be easy. Instead I lost two hours of my Saturday.

“So let’s get started. Download, install, and you’re on your way!”. Yea right

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