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Re: Getting around 50 fake profiles set up a day- HELP!

Just installed/activated your “Human Test” plug-in. I am using bbPress version Everything works fine. No issues.

Thank you.

By the way, I heard of WordPress for the first time on Sunday, found it a few minutes later, installed it a few minutes after that and input two years of articles I had written that same day. I installed a few plug-ins the next day and then found bbPress. Installed that the same day (Monday). It was working fine and found a matching template for both WordPress and bbPress the next day (Wednesday). With very little tweaking (mostly my errors) and no visits to the WordPress or bbPress forums for help, I am up and running with a very presentable, professional looking, and fully functional blog/user forum. Absolutely incredible!!! I am notifying my subscribers later this morning about their new resource via email. Not bad for four days of work.

Thank you good folks behind WordPress and bbPress!

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