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Re: Future of bbPress

Justin Tadlock


Codex. Codex. Codex.

Open up a BB Codex like we have with WP. How are we going to get more devs to start hopping on the bbPress bandwagon? While many of us enjoy sifting through code when we get the extra time, good documentation is always helpful to get people started. Heck, even some better inline documentation would do wonders right now.

Seriously, when was the last time this page and its subpages have been updated?

I’ve got more work than I can possibly handle, but I’d be willing to develop things for the bbPress community. I just don’t have time to spend reading through all the code, line by line, to see how things work.

Give developers a chance to make the platform shine.

The success of WordPress comes from the vast number of add-ons (themes and plugins) for the system. Without them, WordPress probably would’ve died a long while ago.

The lack of documentation is probably turning a good number of developers away from the system, developers that could be creating plugins for many of the features that users want.

This is the area that needs the most improvement. Let’s work on documentation first. Then, we can start thinking about other things bbPress needs.


I’ve seen a handful of decent themes I’d use, but (as far as I know) there are no major theme developers in the bbPress community. Documentation would go a long way in helping here. This is especially true for designers that don’t know all the ins and outs of the platform’s PHP code.

I’d personally start coding bbPress themes if it supported the same type of parent/child theme setup that WordPress has. I’d be happy to port all of my WP themes like this.

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