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Re: Future of bbPress

I’ll echo some of the other comments and say that having a Codex for bbPress is key to it’s future. Shouldn’t this be something that is very easy for someone at Automattic to setup?

The other thing is better, easier integration with existing user database tables and site features for sign-in/out, registration, change password, etc. Most everyone using bbPress probably already has the rest of their site already setup.

You don’t users to have to have two logins, two registrations, two login pages, and two registration pages ,and two records in the database with the same info. This type of integration needs to be dead simple and straightforward in bbPress but it is not. If this was done properly, the most common site integration (bbPress with a WordPress blog) wouldn’t be the mess it is today.

Also, support for Oracle databases would go a long way to helping adoption.

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