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Re: Future of bbPress

I remember some years ago (probably I was one of the first who tried to integrate bbPress with WordPress in a different language, fully localized integration [1]), and it was a pain. Now, years passed, I can see bbPress and WordPress rising and shining, but I wouldn’t pay anymore so much attention into their integration.

The main problem I/folks met when choosing between BB software and taking bbPress as a possible solution, is it’s lack of real BB features, like already mentioned quoting, nice fluid design themes… classic stuff which makes a forum software look accordingly.

I do respect the WordPress choices when it comes to design (including software designs and tehnologies), but if you want bbPress get over FluxBB (ex PunBB, which was sold and it is it’s main competitor), forget about Joel Spolsky’s thoughts, people are looking for something they got used to already. Bring options to core and hide them under checkboxes, but don’t apart them in plugins (at least until bbPress has no such plugin installer like WordPress has).

Dunno why, but bbPress still looks much like it was first time released by Matt after a weekend of smart coding. Time to grow up a bit. :)

Just my 2 cents…

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