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Re: Future of bbPress

I disagree with the not having the standalone. Some website have no reason to have anything on their site other than a forum. You can have two versions plugin and standalone. I did mention before giving 0.9 & 1.0 version names instead of numbers because it confuses people. Example bbPress Blue v1.0 (for 1.0) and bbPress Red v1.0 (for 0.9).

I would say stay away from buddypress for now. They have a lot issues that they are trying to deal with since their release from BP 1.0 to BP1.1 (a big change). Buddypress is already using bbpress in their install but for the Group feature which can conflict and confuse people.

I installed WPMU just for BuddyPress a regret it since then. I’m having a lot of basic issues that isn’t addressed.

Anyway back to the topic. I was able to integrate WP+BB easily, I don’t have PHP knowledge but I was able to. It’s the so many versions of the integration that screw people up in my experience. I think bbPress is great already, you just need more plugins and themes. And most important finish the development documents. I know WP didn’t have it for years but why follow? If you have more theme development also I believe bbPress will pick up faster.

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