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Re: Final release candidate 1.0-RC-2 is available.

I have a number of issues and questions. I’m new to bbpress and also trying to do an integration with 2.8, so I’m not sure what is a bug or what just may not work at all. I did the integration with WP and it allows me into the pages to post and into the admin. However it won’t let me post or change anything. No matter what I do, I get a box with a message “Your attempt to do this has failed”. Its not very useful it telling me why. It happily sends me back to the admin area, so it doesn’t seem to be the login. Is there some variable to debug permissions, as that seems to be a continuing issue with integration.

One question I have is how do I determine what version I have? I don’t see a version file.

I also don’t see a way of setting permissions for users or forums

Also, email isn’t working for registration. We run Postfix, could there be a problem? Is there a setting?

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