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Re: Few questions..

1) I would ‘t worry about the plugins to help out if you need it (small percentage) as they are intended to get it fixed which will eventually make it into the core. Those plugins would only require minor changes if something was changed in bbPress, but I doubt it would happen often.

2) I had great luck with the phpbb converter myself and have stated in one of the threads which one I used. I would just look around a bit before choosing one.

3) Since the upgrade process is so easy, there is no need to wait! As well, the changes scheduled for the next series of releases are small changes and no worth waiting for!

4) So1o just released a new version of the private forums plugin that is exceptional and recently addressed the problems with the RSS feed being private. It is found in the ‘extend’ tab of this forum in the plugin browser!

5) fel64 is absolutely right. mdawaffe is the head dev and he is working on wordpress code at the same time. They will always be compatible as they are working toward more shared function (at least not conflicting). Issues will be worked out as we go, but shouldn’t be a problem.



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