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Few questions..

  • Ziyphr


    I’ve monitored bbPress for some time and plan to use WP for a big site and would need to convert a phpBB(2) forum over to bbPress. What’s the latest on:

    1) WP integration – last I heard you had to fiddle with cookie settings and some usernames wouldn’t work on the forum login. I’d be wary of using plugins as this could cause problems upgrading in future.

    2) phpBB(2) conversion – is there any script that will convert everything perfectly?

    3) future plans – is there a new version in development or is everything on hold for now? (i.e. should I just go and install the current version or wait another month or two)

    4) private forums – an essential feature for me is to have a staff board that is 100% secure. Again I didn’t really want to rely on a plugin for this and last time I think I read it wasn’t secure because of an RSS problem.

    5) lastly – is bbPress compatibility high on the list when new versions of WordPress are released? (i.e. could a new WP break by forum?)


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  • Andrew


    I just set up a bbpress forum and use the WP user database. It works well though plugins are needed and some hackery of bb-config is required (see here.

    I use the private forums plugin. There is another plugin that blocks all access to the site. You could always make ma minor mod to bbpress source to force login and not rely on a plugin.

    I’ve seen some discussion on WP about BBpress. I believe they changed the way they handle tags in order to not step on bbpress.



    1. Some dudes do, yeah. But it seems to be a minority; who can tell? Maybe bbPress does just have a few new users a week :P

    2. Haven’t seen one. Believe there was some trouble with older converters somebody dug up.

    3. New version is in development, and I expect there will be new versions in development for a while. Don’t let that stop you getting it now. There’s no release planned for the next week as far as I know.

    4. It’s not in the core and there’s no indication that’s what’s being worked on right now. It’d have to be a plugin. Last I read they fixed their RSS problems? It will say in the plugin topic, anyway.

    5. It’s one of the wp devs that’s developing bb at the moment. They all work for the same small company. I don’t think one release would ever break the other.

    Trent Adams


    1) I would ‘t worry about the plugins to help out if you need it (small percentage) as they are intended to get it fixed which will eventually make it into the core. Those plugins would only require minor changes if something was changed in bbPress, but I doubt it would happen often.

    2) I had great luck with the phpbb converter myself and have stated in one of the threads which one I used. I would just look around a bit before choosing one.

    3) Since the upgrade process is so easy, there is no need to wait! As well, the changes scheduled for the next series of releases are small changes and no worth waiting for!

    4) So1o just released a new version of the private forums plugin that is exceptional and recently addressed the problems with the RSS feed being private. It is found in the ‘extend’ tab of this forum in the plugin browser!

    5) fel64 is absolutely right. mdawaffe is the head dev and he is working on wordpress code at the same time. They will always be compatible as they are working toward more shared function (at least not conflicting). Issues will be worked out as we go, but shouldn’t be a problem.





    Thanks for your help everyone, I think I’ll be giving bbPress a try.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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