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Re: Few questions..

1. Some dudes do, yeah. But it seems to be a minority; who can tell? Maybe bbPress does just have a few new users a week :P

2. Haven’t seen one. Believe there was some trouble with older converters somebody dug up.

3. New version is in development, and I expect there will be new versions in development for a while. Don’t let that stop you getting it now. There’s no release planned for the next week as far as I know.

4. It’s not in the core and there’s no indication that’s what’s being worked on right now. It’d have to be a plugin. Last I read they fixed their RSS problems? It will say in the plugin topic, anyway.

5. It’s one of the wp devs that’s developing bb at the moment. They all work for the same small company. I don’t think one release would ever break the other.

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