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Re: Fatal Error on Plugin Activation



Quick update:

Since my forum using 1.0 is just a private forum for friends, I went ahead and installed a completely new forum using and everything is working fine.

I kept the old 1.0 forum in another directory on my server. I turned off all the plugins and everything is working fine… no database errors, fatal errors, plugin resets, etc. When _ck_ said that my database was corrupted I was worried, because I had just noticed that some of my subforums were not accessible. However now with all plugins off, they are fine.

I’m going to sit on it and once 1.x is up to snuff with updated plugins available, I might upgrade and perhaps try to import all the old posts and threads into the newer forum. I’m in no hurry to do that though, so for now I’ll just sit on it and see what happens.

Thanks to John and _ck_ for all your help.

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