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Re: Fail to make BBpress Live working

Viewing source was the first thing I tried. Old habits die hard ;) But really, there was nothing.

I did not check the error logs, so I did that right now.

On Server:

Make sure error-log is set to verbose for now.

On bbPress:

Enable XML-RPC – YES

On WordPress:

Install plugin – Done

Activate Plugin – Done (no errors)

Configure Plugin –

ID/Password (Ipstenu / 555Nope!)
Caching Enabled - NO
Enable forums widget - YES
Enable Topics widget - YES
Copy new WordPress posts to bbPress (not implemented)

Then I went into widgets and picked ‘bbPress latest topics’, put it at the bottom of my sidebar. I gave it the title of ‘Latest Topics’ and saved my changes.

The header shows up on the bottom of the side bar, no content.

Error log is empty. Frustration resumed :(

By the way, if the standalone function is called to be echoed like print_r($myarray);, shouldn’t that output something?

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