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Re: Errors After Pure Install

I found out after a couple hours more searching on the web that you can use this code below to hide php errors, enable a private log of the errors, and also protect the error log from outsiders.

# suppress php errors from showing publicly

php_flag display_startup_errors on

php_flag display_errors on

php_flag html_errors on

# enable PHP error logging

php_flag log_errors on

php_value error_log ../PHP_errors.log

# prevent access to PHP error log

<Files PHP_errors.log>

Order allow,deny

Deny from all

Satisfy All


@SharpMouth – was this what you were referring too? Is this what you used to stop the error messages from showing? This would hide the error messages but it doesn’t fix the actual problem. Can you tell me if you ever got the actual problem fixed, and if so, how?

Much appreciated.

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