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Re: Error



Yes, the URL is wrong in the config. The URL should be for the location of your bbPress installation, and for the location of your WordPress installation (if you are planning on integrating user logins.)

The link or button you put in your WordPress installation should point here: You can delete page 24 in WordPress (unless you want to use a WordPress redirect plugin to have an actual WordPress page, so the link appears easily in your navigation – just redirect it to

Once that is all sorted, you will have a forum installation accessible from WordPress, but it will look nothing like your blog theme. There’s more work involved in making that happen, copying over the header and footer and sidebar and making the forum look like the blog. It’s all doable, it just takes time and energy and some CSS and HTML skills (maybe some PHP too.)

First get it in the proper location, accessible at the proper URL, then worry about getting it to look like you want. Because bbPress is not a plugin for WordPress, it is not going to look like your blog pages at all without some work.

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