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  • Isnt it anybody out there who knows how to fix it? :(



    There are lots of people out there who know how to fix it.

    I think the problem you are having related to glob() is fixed in revsion 1075. I would download that as a zip archive. It works around the fact that glob is not available on some servers.

    You can download any revision you want right here (look at the bottom of the page for zip archive and download that, when you find r1075.)

    There is a quick fix also:

    Thank u ! the installation worked!

    BUT! I have one problem:

    I wanted my forum to be at

    but i cant see it there?! ( at the page called “forum” )

    Instead it is here at

    Do you know what i have done wrong? Plz help me !

    can it be something with that full-url in my config.php file here :


    // ** MySQL settings ** //

    define(‘BBDB_NAME’, ‘My databas-name’); // The name of the database

    define(‘BBDB_USER’, ‘My username’); // Your MySQL username

    define(‘BBDB_PASSWORD’, ‘My pass’); // …and password

    define(‘BBDB_HOST’, ‘’); // 99% chance you won’t need to change these last few

    define(‘BBDB_CHARSET’, ‘utf8’); // If you are *upgrading*, and your old config.php does

    define(‘BBDB_COLLATE’, ”); // not have these two contstants in them, DO NOT define them

    // If you are installing for the first time, leave them here

    // Change the prefix if you want to have multiple forums in a single database.

    $bb_table_prefix = ‘bb_’; // Only letters, numbers and underscores please!

    // The full URL of your bbPress install

    $bb->uri = ‘;;

    // What are you going to call me?

    $bb->name = ‘New bbPress Site’;

    // This must be set before you run the install script.

    $bb->admin_email = ‘’;

    // Set to true if you want pretty permalinks, set to ‘slugs’ if you want to use slug based pretty permalinks.

    $bb->mod_rewrite = slug;

    // The number of topics that show on each page.

    $bb->page_topics = 30;

    // A user can edit a post for this many minutes after submitting.

    $bb->edit_lock = 60;

    // Your timezone offset. Example: -7 for Pacific Daylight Time.

    $bb->gmt_offset = 0;

    // Change this to localize bbPress. A corresponding MO file for the

    // chosen language must be installed to bb-includes/languages.

    // For example, install to bb-includes/languages and set BBLANG to ‘de’

    // to enable German language support.

    define(‘BBLANG’, ”);

    // Your Akismet Key. You do not need a key to run bbPress, but if you want to take advantage

    // of Akismet’s powerful spam blocking, you’ll need one. You can get an Akismet key at


    $bb->akismet_key = ‘my askimet key’; // Example: ‘0123456789ab’

    // The rest is only useful if you are integrating bbPress with WordPress.

    // If you’re not, just leave it as it is.

    $bb->wp_table_prefix = ‘wpi4f_’; // WordPress table prefix. Example: ‘wp_’;

    $bb->wp_home = ‘;; // WordPress – Options->General: Blog address (URL) // Example: ‘;

    $bb->wp_siteurl = ‘;; // WordPress – Options->General: WordPress address (URL) // Example: ‘;

    /* Stop editing */

    if ( !defined(‘BBPATH’) )

    define(‘BBPATH’, dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/’ );

    require_once( BBPATH . ‘bb-settings.php’ );




    For integration, you have it set up properly with the forum folder inside the WordPress folder. So, the URL is correct if you want that setup. If you don’t care about WordPress integration (mostly user logins) then you would put the forum folder on the same level as the WordPress folder.



    It looks like you made bbPress a page inside your WordPress installation? I’d say that’s incorrect in your config. Or, does that page_id 24 just redirect to a forum URL??

    Okey, i want to that integration and i have put the folders correct.

    But why can´t i see the forum there then :S ?

    It only a blank page as u see at

    sorry if i´m stupid but it would be so nice if i could get this forum to work on the site :)





    At this URL I see a blank forum WordPress page that has a title of “Forum”:

    That’s not how it works. You need to have the bbPress directory inside the WordPress folder. It looks like WordPress runs the whole site, so your forum will be available at .

    To get to the forum, you need to make a link in your navigation to “Forum” (just like there is now) but it won’t be a WordPress page, it will just be the URL of your forum (

    bbPress is not a plugin for WordPress and it won’t look like your WordPress installation (with header, footer, sidebar and style) unless you do some work.

    oh I missed your message before my last one.

    “It looks like you made bbPress a page inside your WordPress installation?”

    Yes, I´m afraid.

    So maybe the full-url is wrong in the config-file? Do I have to reinstall the whole thing then? And what should the full-url-thing be next time.

    I tested right now to create a page (the URL to my forum) and that worked But as u see u cant do anything when u are there.

    I´m really confused right now,doh.

    I just want to have a forum, a link to it in the menu, it should be integrated (not just for itself, it should be like a new page)

    Is this possible? its feels hopeless.




    Yes, the URL is wrong in the config. The URL should be for the location of your bbPress installation, and for the location of your WordPress installation (if you are planning on integrating user logins.)

    The link or button you put in your WordPress installation should point here: You can delete page 24 in WordPress (unless you want to use a WordPress redirect plugin to have an actual WordPress page, so the link appears easily in your navigation – just redirect it to

    Once that is all sorted, you will have a forum installation accessible from WordPress, but it will look nothing like your blog theme. There’s more work involved in making that happen, copying over the header and footer and sidebar and making the forum look like the blog. It’s all doable, it just takes time and energy and some CSS and HTML skills (maybe some PHP too.)

    First get it in the proper location, accessible at the proper URL, then worry about getting it to look like you want. Because bbPress is not a plugin for WordPress, it is not going to look like your blog pages at all without some work.

    I love you! It worked !! Thank u so much!

    But now to how to make it look like my wordpress theme. Do u have any tip or link where i can find that information?


    I got this error when i clicked on Site management on bbpress:

    Warning: glob() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/vol2/ on line 7

    maybe u know ,chrishajer?

    Is it something i can download like the fisrt erro I got?



    Regarding the glob thing – you are going to need the same sort of fix for the glob anywhere it’s used in bbPress since your host disabled it. You would have to grep through all the code and say something like:

    if ( function_exists( 'glob' ) && is_callable( 'glob' ) ) {
    whatever test that used to use glob;

    Not sure the best way to deal with that.



    I think for bb-plugins.php, you would need to make this change:

    if ( function_exists( 'glob' ) && is_callable( 'glob' ) ) {
    foreach ( glob(BBPLUGINDIR . '_*.php') as $_plugin ) {
    $_data = bb_get_plugin_data( $_plugin );
    $_plugins[$_plugin] = $_data ? $_data : true;

    That’s the whole block of code from trunk. Looks like they test now to see if glob is callable, then actually call it. That should fix your glob problem.



    How about this for getting bbPress to look like WordPress:

    You can also search the forum for integration or browse the integration tag. There have been some good tutorials posted but I can’t find them right now.

    amazing ty so much!

    BUT I discorverd a new big problem doh :(

    Look here:

    whatever i click on, for example the thread “Your first topic” , I came to my wordpress site :s

    I dont want that ;/ All this problems. I´m sorry but if u can help me for the 111 time i would be so happy.

    Is it something with the config-file again?

    Best Regards




    Change this line in your config.php:

    $bb->mod_rewrite = slug;

    to this:

    $bb->mod_rewrite = false;

    That should fix the problem. Your server configuration does not support the .htaccess rewriting rules you have set up. Changing this to false turns off the need for mod_rewrite and .htaccess. You can get them working later.

    Also, it’s possible the might work if you spelled and quoted it properly. It should be

    $bb->mod_rewrite = 'slugs';

    and that will work if your server supports mod_rewrite and you have the proper .htaccess rewrite rules in place.

    Ty so much for everything chrishajer!!

    U are amazing!

    Now is it only to work on the design but the forum works as it should i think.

    Maybe i will bump this thread if I got more problems!

    Best regards


    The forum works fine, the only thing i have discovered is that:

    U cant login with Internet Explorer, Opera works fine . I find the thing to do in IE:

    To change the settings for cookies to low.

    But do u guys have a better and easier way to fix th login to work even in IE?



    I created an account and logged in to your forum with IE7 without any problem. Not sure why you’re having a problem there, and I can’t replicate it.

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