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Re: Email not sent after registration – Once again…



Martin, your webserver cannot send emails? Can you upload a file called mailer.php and put this into it: (if you don’t have command line access)

mail( '', "subject: test", "message: test", 'From:');
echo "Mail should have been sent, check your inbox";

Run that from your browser and check your inbox. I’ve never had it fail, so I don’t know what is displayed if the mail command fails. If you have a command line, you can just run the mail command:

php -r 'mail( '', "subject: test", "message: test", 'From:');'

If you cannot send email from your server, then the patch you referred to would work, but I suspect that was for an older version (.73 maybe, since the post is so old.) You save that information to a file, call it mail.patch or something. You need a command line to patch the files, so if you don’t have that, you would need to download the files referenced in the patch, patch them locally (built in on Linux and OSX but I think you would need a 3rd party app on Windows.) To patch the files:

  1. cd to the installation directory
  2. run this command:
    patch -p0 < /path/to/mail.patch

That makes the changes to the files referenced in the patch, and the user registration email will be displayed rather than being emailed.


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