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Re: Display bbpress on wordpress page (inside the blog)

seriously guys, deep intergration is probably the most essential feature an “intergratable forum” has to have.

All this talk about…. well… Not everyone wants it.. is utter garbage.

Wow. Harsh. So my not wanting it means I’m garbage or my site is garbage? Nah, I know you don’t mean I’m crap, no worries, but really think about what you just said.

I agree that SOME people want deep/full integration. And some people don’t. Should full integration be offered? Yes, but only for people who are totally hard-core hackers. Because it’s so hard, because it’s so complicated, and because it’s something that, if done wrong, will seriously jack you up.

Shallow integration, of users and db, is what most people need. If you can theme WP, you can theme BB. If you can make a theme in WP, you can make it work in BB too with about an hour of work and make it seem seamless.

A pain? Yes. But IMO better than having to re-code everything.

And I too would rather sit on a cactus than use iframes.

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