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Re: Display bbpress on wordpress page (inside the blog)



@tannar, I will only share this with you if you post a link to your forum. I would like to see this working because many people have asked about it, and I’ve never seen it working.

From here:

Add this to the bottom of the page you are including in the iframe.

<script type="text/javascript">
parent.window.document.getElementById("youridnamehere").height = document.body.offsetHeight +50;

You need to change youridnamehere to the id of the iframe in your wordpress page. So, if you did something like <iframe src="whatever.php" id="bbpressforum" ... /> you would change youridnamehere to bbpressforum because that’s the id of the iframe.

Also, the +50 at the end just adds some space to the bottom (it’s probably in pixels I imagine.) You can try different numbers to be sure the forum fits in the frame. I can’t recall exactly what number I started out with there, but +50 worked for my application (not bbPress, BTW.)

Good luck.

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