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Display bbpress on wordpress page (inside the blog)

  • Hey,

    i just found this great forum and integrated it in my wordpress, with help from the video guide.

    I have succesfully set up all cookie stuff, and now i want to display my forum wich is located on in my wordpress blog page. Like on this website.

    Can anyone tell me how to do it? I didn’t find informations about.


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  • Ok guys, thanks for your posts, but i didn’t understand: is it possible to integrate bbpress into my wordpress blog like on this site and on ? I see its possible, does no one have an idea how to do it?

    I don’t care about themes, i just want to integrate my /forum/ directory in a wordpress page. i tried using iframe but its not that great cause it has borders.



    As a newbie I am looking to have my bbpress appear seamlessly in WordPress.

    How can this be done?



    @tannar: you can make iframes appear without borders, if you like. You need this in the iframe tag: frameborder="0"

    I have heard of a couple people trying it, but I have not yet seen it done. Can you post a link to this when you have it working? Thanks.

    @RichBrown: If you want bbPress to *look* like your WordPress installation, you are going to need to use a bbPress theme that matches or approximates you WordPress theme. There are a couple of matching themes out there for bbPress and WordPress. What versions of bbPress and WordPress did you install?

    The best way I know of right now to integrate the look of bbPress with the look WordPress is to create a theme for bbPress that looks like your WordPress theme. We’re spoiled with so many good themes for WordPress right now, and not so many for bbPress. We’re not used to creating themes; we’re used to installing themes (at least that has been my experience with WordPress.) bbPress is not quite there yet in terms of popularity and community support (i.e. themes and plugins.)

    I don’t believe you can make bbPress live inside a WordPress page: bbPress is not a forum plugin for WordPress. And I have not yet seen the iframe hack work.

    Ok i’m using the embed-iframe plugin to integrate the forum, it looks good. I reduced the width of the forum theme in the css file so it fits the page. The only problem i have, in emped-iframe you can assign a width and height for the iframe. 100% doenst work for height, cause if the forumpage has many threads the iframe becomes a scrollbar on the right side. Any solutions to fix this, and let the iframe automaticly get the height of the forumpage height?



    @tannar, I will only share this with you if you post a link to your forum. I would like to see this working because many people have asked about it, and I’ve never seen it working.

    From here:

    Add this to the bottom of the page you are including in the iframe.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    parent.window.document.getElementById("youridnamehere").height = document.body.offsetHeight +50;

    You need to change youridnamehere to the id of the iframe in your wordpress page. So, if you did something like <iframe src="whatever.php" id="bbpressforum" ... /> you would change youridnamehere to bbpressforum because that’s the id of the iframe.

    Also, the +50 at the end just adds some space to the bottom (it’s probably in pixels I imagine.) You can try different numbers to be sure the forum fits in the frame. I can’t recall exactly what number I started out with there, but +50 worked for my application (not bbPress, BTW.)

    Good luck.

    @chrishajer, thanks for the code, this one didn’t work for me, but the one on the page top. You can visit my forum

    If someone wants to know how i made it, I just removed stuff from the bbpress head.php so it looks like this:


    <div id=”main”>

    <?php if ( is_bb_profile() ) profile_menu(); ?>

    and also the first </div> from the footer.php, I also removed the hot tags stuff from frontpage.php. Now I installed embed-iframe plugin for wordpress and modified the iframe.php like this:

    <div class="iframe-wrapper">
    <iframe src="<?php echo $url ?>" frameborder="0" id="youridnamehere" width=100%>Please upgrade your browser</iframe>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function resizeIframe() {
    var height = document.documentElement.clientHeight;
    height -= document.getElementById('youridnamehere').offsetTop;

    <code></code>// not sure how to get this dynamically
    height -= 150; /* whatever you set your body bottom margin/padding to be */

    document.getElementById('youridnamehere').style.height = height +"px";

    document.getElementById('youridnamehere').onload = resizeIframe;
    window.onresize = resizeIframe;

    Now I just modified the width of the bbpress style.css for head, main and footer, and also the cols/width of the textarea. I still have a scrollbar if there are more posts on one page, but I can live with.

    Thanks for your help!`



    Hello all!

    I’ve been thinking about SimplePress integration with your WordPress installation. It worked fine with me a few months ago.Give it a shot.May be it needs some customization on its template.Just an opinion.

    After all, bbPress and buddyPress are all WordPress family product.


    Ben L.


    mindacatur, did you seriously need to bump a year-old topic just to say you were going to use software unrelated to this forum?

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