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Re: Display bbpress on wordpress page (inside the blog)



@tannar: you can make iframes appear without borders, if you like. You need this in the iframe tag: frameborder="0"

I have heard of a couple people trying it, but I have not yet seen it done. Can you post a link to this when you have it working? Thanks.

@RichBrown: If you want bbPress to *look* like your WordPress installation, you are going to need to use a bbPress theme that matches or approximates you WordPress theme. There are a couple of matching themes out there for bbPress and WordPress. What versions of bbPress and WordPress did you install?

The best way I know of right now to integrate the look of bbPress with the look WordPress is to create a theme for bbPress that looks like your WordPress theme. We’re spoiled with so many good themes for WordPress right now, and not so many for bbPress. We’re not used to creating themes; we’re used to installing themes (at least that has been my experience with WordPress.) bbPress is not quite there yet in terms of popularity and community support (i.e. themes and plugins.)

I don’t believe you can make bbPress live inside a WordPress page: bbPress is not a forum plugin for WordPress. And I have not yet seen the iframe hack work.

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