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Re: Display bbpress on wordpress page (inside the blog)

Ipstenu made some great points, to show you the thoughts of someone with a different perspective. While you might not see his point of view, he was kind enough to lay out his view point for you.

As much as Ipstenu and _ck_ are making generalisations, so are you. You have no proof that “the majority” want what you want. You keep using the phrase “the majority” to back up your points, and while i mostly agree with your premise, i’m not overly confident that randomly adding in your guess on how many people might possibly maybe agree with you is helpful.

She … but that’s okay.

And of course I’m making generalizations. You kind of have to when the samples to draw from (bbPress users) are small, and the ideas are in-progress/developing as we speak :)

Silver-bullet means a magic cure all that does everything you (and by you I mean the individual) wants.

Mine is different from yours and everyone elses. So yeah, I’d rather see bbPress built with the flexibility to fit everyone. And that does mean something for the folks who want full-integration. But what we have today isn’t it. And based on what’s been posted before, I suspect it won’t be unless someone makes a plugin that does it.

As for being wrong about integration… I was incorrect, in part, but I was correct in what I meant. Didn’t say what I meant, which is soooo my bad. Can I blame being sick? Anyway, if you read it mentions functions (ie DEEP integration) as being both optional and not suggested. Which is what I meant. People ask about it, and the direction is right there. Now I will totally admit that ‘function’ doesn’t mean ‘theme integration’ and that is confusing to the newbies. So yes, the info in there makes sense, but it’s vague if you’re not really sunk into this already :)

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