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Re: Display bbpress on wordpress page (inside the blog)


As I said, just becuase you do not want deep integration it doesn’t mean the majority won’t. It is going over the top to call it a “Silver Bullet” just becuase it might have deep intergration.

All I want to do is use the BBPress loop to add the latest topics on the index.php page of WP. … Getting told “oh well theres a plugin for that, for your sidebar” is probably the stinkiest response any one can give. People want to customize things, thats what BBPress is about, we dont want rigid fixed plugins. And not to mention really really lame. Deep intergration is the “right tool for the right job” for the majority of people using BBPress… except it wont be there.


both points are too weak to stop deep intergration and are probably really insufficient to fight your side of the argument. Dedicated servers will always be used for a large community base that has enough power to crush a shared server.. which is not that likely anyway.

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