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Re: different bbpress install, 1 user db

Let’s say your first bbPress has a table prefix (set in config.php) “bb_”.

Install your second bbPress into another directory. In it’s config.php file, make sure and set it’s table prefix to “bb2_”.

Directly under the table prefix line, add the following line:

define('CUSTOM_USER_TABLE', 'bb_users');

That tells the bb2_ bbPress to look for users in the bb_ bbPress’ user table.

Now a new user has accounts in both bbPress installs, but the two installs do not share login cookies; the user has to log in separately to each install. To make it so that when a user is logged in to one forum, that user is also logged into the other, you will probably have to add the following line to both config.php files:

$bb->cookiepath = '/';

An admin in one bbPress will not be an admin the other bbPress.

Blocking a user will block them everywhere. Instead of blocking a user, you could make their User Type “Inactive” in one of your bbPress installs by editing their profile. Then they won’t be able to do anything but look around on the one bbPress install, but can still be full members on the other.

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