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different bbpress install, 1 user db

  • Hi,

    I have installed bbpress, works great. Now I want to install another bbpress in a subdirectory, but this bbpress has to use the users from the first bbpress install. This is possible, but how do I do this?

    And how does this affect the forums and user registration from the bbpress 2 install? Will an admin from forum 1 also be admin on forum 2? And will a banned user be banned on both forums?

    It would be great if I could make use of just 1 user db, so everyone can login on all my forums on my server and don’t need to register for each forum seperately. But an admin from forum 1 musn’t be admin on forum 2 and banned users should only be banned at the forum they are banned from.

    Hope you guys understand what I mean!


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  • Let’s say your first bbPress has a table prefix (set in config.php) “bb_”.

    Install your second bbPress into another directory. In it’s config.php file, make sure and set it’s table prefix to “bb2_”.

    Directly under the table prefix line, add the following line:

    define('CUSTOM_USER_TABLE', 'bb_users');

    That tells the bb2_ bbPress to look for users in the bb_ bbPress’ user table.

    Now a new user has accounts in both bbPress installs, but the two installs do not share login cookies; the user has to log in separately to each install. To make it so that when a user is logged in to one forum, that user is also logged into the other, you will probably have to add the following line to both config.php files:

    $bb->cookiepath = '/';

    An admin in one bbPress will not be an admin the other bbPress.

    Blocking a user will block them everywhere. Instead of blocking a user, you could make their User Type “Inactive” in one of your bbPress installs by editing their profile. Then they won’t be able to do anything but look around on the one bbPress install, but can still be full members on the other.

    Ah oke nice, perhaps it can be changed in the next release so that a banned user is only banned on the forum banned from? I mean an admin is also admin on 1 forum…

    And registrating on forum 2 will go alright? No conflicts? The new user will be added in bb_users and not in b2_users?

    Going to play around with this, thanks for the info!


    ow one more question:

    To make it so that when a user is logged in to one forum, that user is also logged into the other, you will probably have to add the following line to both config.php files:

    Does this mean that when I look who is online at forum 1, I also see user X (who is online at forum 2) as online at forum 1? Don’t want that…

    The cookie thing I described only means that they won’t have to type their password in twice. If the browse to forum 1 and login and then browse to forum 2, they won’t have to type in their password again.

    bbPress does not track who is currently logged in (unless you have some plugin that does this), so I’m not sure how to respond.

    Ah ok well let’s theorise a bit now. Let’s say I have 100 subfolders with each a bbpress install, all using the same user db. This would work great but if bbpress has an update, I have to install that one 101 times (+1 = the main install). Kinda a lot of work so I wondered if the following is possible (with some hacking or plugin):

    All users have their own id right? Well let’s say Jack is a member of forum 1 and he wants his own forum. Jacks id is 123456789 (just an excample). Is it possible to let the keymaster (and ONLY the keymaster) give Jack his own forum? The keymaster will go to Jacks profile and sees a new line in his profile called: Give this user his own forum. When checked, Jack will be admin ow his own forum (so an admin, and not a key master).

    How does this work? Well when you type in: you get the standard index of the bbpress forum. If you type: (Jacks ID), you will see the standard index of Jacks forum, which Jack controls as an admin. Posts made in this forum, are stored in the normal db, but with id: 123456789. This way we can filter all posts etc by this id for each forum. The main forum (forum 1) will ofcourse NOT show Jacks posts. The only modification to the db will be to add id to it, I think…. See this as an bbpress MU :)

    This way I have just 1 install of bbpress needed and is easy to maintain, and I can still give others a forum too! Well in theory that is…

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