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Re: diagnosing sql connections spike

wow, great info man, thanks.

i’m no expert when it comes to this stuff. as a matter of fact, i’m a total noob and this forum is my first “adventure” into database land. so i pretty much assume that every problem we have is my fault. i do however suspect that it is our host that SUCKS and i’ve just been trying to build that case (i just want to know it’s their problem before i move the whole forum only to find out otherwise). i’ve been on the phone with them a bunch of times, but they really are useless. they insist that there’s no problem and they won’t escalate the issue to the “server team” unless i can provide them with various logs in lieu of them being able to reproduce the problem.

generally i am under 1 second on the bb_index.php_pre_db. the forum is a bit sluggish when it runs on the high side of 1 second though.

thanks for all the effort explaining this stuff, i really appreciate it.

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