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Re: Deleting ‘Allowed Markup’ info below posting field



If you just want to delete the display of the information below the post form, don’t remove that from a core file. What you want to do does not require any modification of core files. Stay out of there.

You want to be in a template folder, by default bb-templates/kakumei/ but if you created a custom template, you may have a my-templates/yourtemplatename/. In that folder, there should be a file post-form.php and edit-form.php. In the version, you want to look at

./edit-form.php line 19

/post-form.php line 31

Those lines contains the code to display “Allowed markup” below the post form. Remove that line completely and the text will no longer appear under your post form. Remove it in edit-form.php as well, and it won’t appear below that form either.

If you don’t have those files in your template, or those lines in your template files, then I don’t know what to say. That’s where the text comes from in a stock installation.

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