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Re: Custom user password

You’re saying I should edit the copy in the my-templates directory? I tried that and it doesn’t work. Shouldn’t I edit the original in bb-templates? I would assume that’s what is being read to display my theme list.

Edit: Oh I see, it displays themes in both directories. Changing that line of code has disabled all graphics on that theme though haha. Let me have a closer look at what I messed up.

Edit 2: Okay this doesn’t seem right. I deleted the folder and just copied the kakumei theme over to the my-templates directory. Checked my admin panel and the theme shows up, but with a blank sample image. If I activate it, I get a site that looks HTML coded. Devoid of any graphics and adorned with the big shiny Times New Roman font. The same happens with Kakumei Blue. Hmm, I’ll download a free theme and see if it’s an unrelated issue.

Edit 3: Yep, seems to be an issue with reading themes in the my-templates folder. I uploaded the Crystal theme to both of the folders, same problem. The core theme displays fine, the user theme, not as fine haha. I think it’s time to call in the experts.

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