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Custom user password

  • Is there any way to enable users to create their own password at registration? I can’t seem to find a plugin that does that.

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  • Markus Pezold


    Hi Piedpiper,

    there is one plugin from _ck_ for the creation of instant password at registration:

    Works perfect for me in 1.0.1



    Hopefully the search will be improved in the extend section sometime in the near future.

    Oh great, exactly what i’m looking for! Thanks.

    Ah a minor issue. I’ve installed it and it works fine, I’d just like to erase the little text at the top that says “Your password will be sent to this email address”. I checked the register.php file and didn’t find it there. Could someone point me in the right direction?



    It’s a good warning to the user to remind them to use a real email address.

    Things like password resets are still done to their email.

    Oh I see. Well, just have to go with what works! Thanks for the great plugin.

    Oh wait a minute. I could still change it manually right? Could you point me to the associated file? I’d like to modify it to mention that the email will be used in case of a password reset.



    Wait, I take that back, it’s in the theme, so you can definitely edit it.

    It’s in register.php and assuming you are using the default theme, it’s under bb-templateskakumei

    What you should first do is copy that directory to a new directory and make a directory called my-templates at the same level as bb-templates, so it would be my-templateskakumei

    Then edit the new copy of the files instead of the original and have bbpress switch to your new theme. That way when you upgrade you won’t lose your changes.

    You’re saying I should edit the copy in the my-templates directory? I tried that and it doesn’t work. Shouldn’t I edit the original in bb-templates? I would assume that’s what is being read to display my theme list.

    Edit: Oh I see, it displays themes in both directories. Changing that line of code has disabled all graphics on that theme though haha. Let me have a closer look at what I messed up.

    Edit 2: Okay this doesn’t seem right. I deleted the folder and just copied the kakumei theme over to the my-templates directory. Checked my admin panel and the theme shows up, but with a blank sample image. If I activate it, I get a site that looks HTML coded. Devoid of any graphics and adorned with the big shiny Times New Roman font. The same happens with Kakumei Blue. Hmm, I’ll download a free theme and see if it’s an unrelated issue.

    Edit 3: Yep, seems to be an issue with reading themes in the my-templates folder. I uploaded the Crystal theme to both of the folders, same problem. The core theme displays fine, the user theme, not as fine haha. I think it’s time to call in the experts.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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