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Re: Custom Theme for WordPress integration w/ bbPress

Not sure what the DXX theme is, but if it’s the one you’re using on your site yeah it’s ultra-easy.

First of all, don’t try to force bb into the WP theme … that rarely works. Your best bet is to open (or make if it doesn’t exist) your my-templates folder and start a new theme by making a new folder (call it dxx or something). Go back up into your main bb folder, open bb-templates > kakumei and copy style.css, then paste it into your new my-templates > dxx folder.

Using CSS you can then modify how your page looks (not what’s on it though). The basic way to do css is like this:

html element {
property: something;

For example, the code to colour links red with NO underline is like this:

a {
color: red;
text-decoration: none;

To change the way your forum looks, you therefore open the copy of style.css you made and change properties like that. There’s much more info at That is all you need to know.

So for example, what you would do for your theme is make links blue and no underline, make the header green, change the background of the page and put a border on the main div element. Some knowledge of HTML will be helpful but you can also pick this up.

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