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Re: Combined Register + Post

I’m afraid I don’t take on paid work, since I simply can’t guarantee the time needed to write code on demand, ensure it’s to a standard expected of paid work and to be honest, I don’t need the money anyway.

As I said, I’d be more than happy for someone else to use my code as reference on how to implement such a feature, since it’s pretty much just butchered up parts of core bbPress code, but as it stands I simply don’t have the time to work on the plugin and guarantee it’s to a production standard, paid or not.

As to the requesting login details later part, I think that was requested before, and I did look into doing it, but because of the way bbPress is structured internally, you have to bypass so many checks against the referring page and carry over the post data to be passed later on. Do-able yes, but not really a 5 minute job, since as far as I know you’d still need to re-do the post function as I did previously.

It’s nice to know there’s still interest in this though, and I’ll look into trying to implement it more cleanly later on with requested features. Having pulled and learnt the login and post system once, it should be easier a second time. Really, really wish we had a bbPress codex, so it could be documented more.

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