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Combined Register + Post

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    Is it feasible internally, to have a user post a comment to the forum and register at the same time?


    Something that’s been mentioned already by a regular reader of my blog is that he’d be far less inclined to leave a comment anywhere that he had to register first.

    The BBPress registration process is mind-numbingly simple, but users first have to get over the two-step-hurdle of registering and then leaving their comment.

    So it strikes me that, since the registration details are the same as you have to provide when blog-commenting some middle ground might be beneficial.

    I imagine it working such that when the user submits their comment (topic) their confirmation message is along the lines of:

    Thanks! We’ve sent you an email to confirm your address. Please return here using the link we’ve sent you to make your comment visible.

    From here it becomes a small step to replace the wordpress comment mechanism with bbpress, which is somehting I’d like to do.

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