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Re: Can’t post. Topic turns yellow. Can’t delete.

I dont see anything in the docs about wp user_meta table having to be specified.

Uhg, Im about to give up. really. It’s been 3 days and it’s just getting worse and worse. Granted, I only have 3 users and 2 blogs right now.. but I’ll be damned if this happens once I start getting ‘real’ users instead of a few friends. No responses on the wordpressMU forum at all so I guess no one there knows what’s going on.

It’s even doing it on newly created users and blogs… so it’s not like the permissions are corrupted.. cause wouldn’t it be brand new and not corrupt when i created a new user?

I’ve tried removing users from blogs and re-adding them, thinking maybe it’d re-write the permissions in the meta-tags. No go.

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