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Re: cannot access website – help!



I was able to access the site earlier today (had to add www to the domain) and I was able to get a 403 error no matter what page I tried to access.

It looks like this is hosted at 1&1. I know over the past 5 or so days 1&1 Internet was upgrading the OS on their shared Linux hosting accounts. If you check other domains hosted on the same machine (ip: you get lots of 403 errors. I think every single one I tried gave a 403 error. (check some of the other domains listed here on this IP)

I think it’s safe to say it’s the host. You can give them a call (UK: 0871 641 21 21) or just wait a bit and it will resolve itself when they’re done with the upgrade.

ALSO: you should have received an email from 1&1 indicating the were upgrading the OS on your account if this is the case. I have received a few of them in the past week for various accounts, so I think they’re upgrading the machines in waves.

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