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cannot access website – help!

  • shellybelly


    I get the following error:


    You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    I have not changed anything on my browser/computer. Everything else I access on the internet seems to be running perfectly. Please advise.

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  • chrishajer


    Do you have FTP or shell access to the server? If so, I think I would log in there and make sure there is no .htaccess file causing things to be rewritten weirdly. Also, in your control panel, if you have one, make sure you don’t have any restrictions on viewing the content in your directories.



    If you have access to error logs or access logs, you could look there as well to see if there are any clues.

    I can’t either!! Is it possible their server is down?



    The entire server is not running, this isn’t something we can help with.



    I was able to access the site earlier today (had to add www to the domain) and I was able to get a 403 error no matter what page I tried to access.

    It looks like this is hosted at 1&1. I know over the past 5 or so days 1&1 Internet was upgrading the OS on their shared Linux hosting accounts. If you check other domains hosted on the same machine (ip: you get lots of 403 errors. I think every single one I tried gave a 403 error. (check some of the other domains listed here on this IP)

    I think it’s safe to say it’s the host. You can give them a call (UK: 0871 641 21 21) or just wait a bit and it will resolve itself when they’re done with the upgrade.

    ALSO: you should have received an email from 1&1 indicating the were upgrading the OS on your account if this is the case. I have received a few of them in the past week for various accounts, so I think they’re upgrading the machines in waves.

    I cannot access it either

    I cannot access pigtotwig either.


    Does anyone know what is going on and when the access will be available again?

    hmm didn’t get an e-mail from them. never mind, as long as it will be sorted out eventually and its not something we’re doing wrong. thanks for your help!

    Sam Bauers


    Looks like we have a small group of pig2twig [?] forum users (not admins) seeking support here.

    We cannot help you if you are a user, you need to contact the administrator of that forum (which is not anyone here).


    Well thank you for that message, but how do we contact the ‘adminsitrators’ of the website please? Any ideas would be good…

    Thanks :)

    Oh and ‘pig2twig’ is a help forum for people who are on a special weightloss programme and it is vital that we acess our forum and information, in case of illness and queries.



    I you are the administrator of the pig2twig forum, I suggest you contact the web host, which appears to be 1&1 Internet. If you are a user of the pig2twig forum, I suggest you contact the administrator of that forum. Since the site is down, I have no idea how to contact that person or who that is although it appears the domain is registered to Penguin Books?


    Penguin Books Ltd

    Registrant’s address:

    80 Strand


    WC2R 0RL


    The bottom line is, it’s not the bbPress software causing the problem. The whole site is down, as are other domains on the same IP address. The problem lies there, not with bbPress.



    Hi to any lost and wondering fellow twiggers – quite a few of our friends appear to be gathering on the following website

    Heres hoping ‘Pig2twig’ is upand running soon – hang on in there :)

    Hello All.

    Just to add that when I joined the pig2twig forum 2 weeks ago, I received a welcoming message with my password from this address:

    [moderator removed]

    My naive idea would be to contact Tim asking when the site will be back on.

    (I hope I am not causing email-flooding an innocent administrator!)

    Have a good thin day!

    HI, I have not been able to access the pig2twig for the last 4 days either.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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