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Re: Can admin but not browse to forum

Yea. It get’s it one step further, but still broken. It’s permalinks and the bb_repermalink routine. On my server it ends up re-linking to the same uri, which causes an infinite loop. I tried _ck_’s old code, but it had zero effect. I also used the same principles (constructing the uri from other SYSTEM variables) directly in bb_repermalink, and that does work — the right uri can be constructed, but I haven’t gotten it to work yet. I need to go through the routine and figure out what it does.

bb_repermalink needs a LOT of work. It is extremely sensitive to $_SERVER variables not being set the way it expects, and it’s tests are not sufficiently detailed. I’m wondering why it would do any kind of redirection on uri’s that are not links to any forum. We’re just trying to browse to the home page, for goodness sake!

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