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Re: Bozo problem

I have the same screen as radkitten, but I do not notice anything out of the ordinary. I don’t have to approve posts, for example. I’m using a .81 install (first version I installed), with a handful of plugins (post count, smilies, quick buttons on the post box).

Looking at the page source code, type=""checkbox"" and value=""1"" (yes, there are double quotemarks).

<th scope="row">This user is a bozo:</th>
<td><input type=""checkbox"" value=""1"" id="is_bozo" name="is_bozo"/>

I went to template-functions, to bb_profile_admin_form, and found no code for inclusion of a bozo checkbox, but code to include a custom member title etc.

Edit: yeah, it is trying to double-escape my quote marks when I edit. I had to remove the original forward slashes now to avoid this.

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