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Re: Better Gravatar directions INSIDE bbPress

Hey, I’m not for adding unnecessary bloat, but with Gravatar already integrated with bbPress it makes sense for a little information for users under the “Edit Profile” section in the core download. After all, both bbPress and Gravatar are Automattic products.

Maybe simply something under the “Edit Profile” screen saying:

“Your profile picture is randomly selected. To pick it yourself visit”

…when the “Show avatars” option is selected under “Avatar display” with the Gravatar site hyperlinked. BLAM. DONE. THIS IS ALL I AM SUGGESTING!

@ryanhellyer: BINGO. You said it (and get my point).

@chrishajer: That’s an obvious option (editing the template myself) but it got me thinking: how many people have run into the same issue of having tons of site users asking ‘How do I select my picture?’ ‘I can’t seem to find out to change my picture?’ I’ve only been running bbPress sites for a short time but already this has become the #1 question asked. I would be absolutely shocked if others who runs bbPress forum didn’t get asked about profile pictures all the time.

@Ipstenu: Initially I thought Identicon or Wavatars etc would do the job but still got people asking how to change their picture to something else. Think about it: when someone signs up for ANY message board where they are supplied a little profile picture (and there are “Edit Profile” customization options available), wouldn’t they logically think they would have the freedom to select their own picture? It’s a VERY basic part of editing the profile.

@REST: I understand the argument that this is what plugins is for, but let’s face it, profile pictures are already hotwired into this product. So is Gravatar support. I’m not talking about adding a new service, but simply directions inside under the profile editing options for folks to better use these already existing services. If you were unfamiliar with bbPress and signed up on a message board where you were given a blank or random profile picture, when you clicked “Edit Profile” wouldn’t you expect to find something to assist you?

Logically speaking, wouldn’t someone think there would be information under the profile page re: how to change their profile picture? When users click “Edit” there is information on customizing pretty much every basic aspect of your profile (location, interests, display name, etc) but this.

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