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Re: bbSync

Hey peoples, was on holiday for a week – sorry!

WDuluoz (Wilbur?), when it referenced functions.php originally what was the reference and what version were you using? You fixed this by adding the global $bbdb, ...; declaration in config.php?

Can you be more specific about your strange problems? Where are you posting, wp or bb? What do you see on your screen after you make the post? What is ‘member inserted’, and how do you know? When does it crash, how do you know it crashes trying to pull up the capabilities array? I need error messages and warnings.

starrett, where are you using that? I think you need to add this line just above line #493 (in Notepad, press Ctrl + G to go to a certain line):

require_once( $opshuns['bbpath'] );

Line #493 is the one that says $topic_id = ...;. At least I think that’s the problem, that would explain why I didn’t catch it.

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