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Re: bbSync

No, I think that means that your status is no longer keymaster. I also had this problem. Open phpMyAdmin, go to your wp_usermeta table, Browse it, click edit to modify the MySQL query (this is potentially fatal, be careful).

This query will hopefully show the record you want:

SELECT * FROM wp_usermeta where meta_key = 'bb_capabilities' AND user_id = 1

If your user_id is not one you will need to change it. You should now be seeing a record like this:


That would make you a keymaster. If the record is like this, however:


then you got turned into a regular member. Click the pencil to edit this entry and replace the member thing with the keymaster value (make sure this is your account!). Save changes and check bb.

Be careful, the databases are crucial. This worked for me, but it’s not guaranteed to work or make things better – I can’t see risks but there might be some!

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