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Re: bbSync



Hi I do have a version working(I downgraded bbpress to the last version bbsync worked because I was tired of using a alpha version of bbpress) it’s completely new code, but it’s very basic on the feature set and a bit hacked together, as I could never get the bbpress functions to work in a wordpress plugin.

I’m at a public library at the moment so I don’t have the code with me but I can work on the code a little bit when I get home.

Also please note, this was just made for me and I probably have different needs to what you needed, for example I wanted all wordpress posts to make a new topic so there isn’t options on a per post basis to post to a forum. Also comments don’t replicate between bbpress and wordpress(I was just going to disable commenting and make all users use the topic) but depending on how much time I have tonight I might add this functionality as I don’t see the difficulty in it.

Also F.Y.I. if anyone is interested I do it the ├║ber ghetto way and manually manipulate the database and don’t go through any of the wordpress or bbpress functions so use at your own risk, but I haven’t run into any problems on my test site.

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