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Re: bbSync

Sneaky: cool, thanks. I suspect you have a similar problem to Starrett but it’s going to be very difficult to find without seeing the errors. I’ll see if I can write you something that can read the error logs for you. :)

Starrett: That’s progress! I like it!

Try adding $bb_roles to the list, so that it becomes

global $bbdb, $bb_cache, $bb_roles;

This could be interesting. Either this will fix everything, or we’ll go through global by global variable and it should work eventually. Cool!

(All I’m doing is looking at the code you’ve got, finding the right line and looking at the variables called in it. The one we’ve got a problem with is usually the one which is called just before, like in this case line 275 uses $bb_roles and a few lines up it says global $bb_roles;. If you feel confident, you can look for the variable that’s causing a problem yourself. Or we can keep doing this. :) )

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